Our Patriots

We gratefully acknowledge
the dedication and sacrifice made by our Patriot ancestors.


Jonathan Andrews, PVT

Samuel Beers, PS

Thomas Griswold, PVT

Jedediah Hill, PVT

*Elisha Hubbard, SGT, WGN

Gideon Hurlburt, PVT, PS

Michael Lounsbury, PVT

William Loveridge, PVT

Abram Stevens, PVT

Charles Webb, COL, CS, PS



James Little, COL



Jonathan Andrews, PVT



Josiah Earp, PVT

Charles Alexander Warfield, 1MAJ, CS, PS

Ignatius Wheeler, Jr., Col, CS



Moses Adams, CAPT

Abraham Amsden, PVT

Ichabod Backus, PVT

Benjamin Bradbury, SGT

George Case, PVT

Joseph Cody, CS, PS

Abner Cooley, PVT

Stephen Fisk, SGT

Nathan Harwood, CAPT

Preserved Leonard, CPT

Thomas Liswell, PVT

Caleb Montague, CAPT

Noah Parsons, PVT

Benjamin Smith, CPL

Abraham Taylor, PVT

Daniel Tenney, PVT

Elkanah Young, PS


New Hampshire

Thomas Blake, ENS, CS, PS

Jonathan Bunker, Sr., PS


New Jersey

Jonathan Condit, CAPT

Edward Hart, PVT

John Hart, SDI, PS

Lawrence De Mott, PS

Aaron Mershon, PVT

John Piatt, CAPT

Jonathan Sutton, WGN, PS



New York

Jeremiah Clearwater, PVT

Mathias Edwards, SOL

John Martin, PS

Jedidiah Millard, PVT

Jacob Shaffer, PVT, PS

John Strong, PVT

Silas Young, Sr., PS


North Carolina

Jeffrey Beck, PS, PVT

Lewis Brewer, PVT

Hezekiah Hargrave, PVT

William Sumpter, CAPT

Thomas Hudspeth, PS

Phinehas Latham, CS

John Martin, PS

Jesse Neville, PVT

Jesse Palmer, PVT

John Poe, PVT

John Stanfield, CAPT

John Whiteside, CS

William Whiteside, Sr., PS

Joseph Woody, PS



George Clymer, SDI, PS

John Custer, PVT

Hugh McGuire, PVT

George Madden, PVT

William Mcnabb, PVT

Jacob Oberly, Sr., PVT

Francis Parvin, DRM, PS

James Place, PVT 

Micajah Posy, PVT, PS

Peter Sones, PVT

Melchior Steele, PS


Rhode Island

David Smith, PVT

Benjamin Tanner, PVT


South Carolina

Frederick Glover, PVT

John Latta, PS

William Littlefield, PVT

George Michael Reitlehover, PS



Hezekiah Stowell, CS, PS



John Barnes, LT

William Booton, PS

Isham Brown, PVT

Samuel Davis, LT

Samuel Dedman, LCOL, CS, PS

Benjamin Dixon, PS

Thomas Dixon, PS

William Dudley, PVT

Samuel Duncan, PVT

William Halbert, LT

Benjamin Harris, CAPT, PS

Vachel Hinton, PVT

Philip Hupp, PVT

William James, PVT

James Johnston, PVT

William Lewis, PS

Daniel Loy, PS

Thomas Little, PS

Elizabeth Frizzell McTeer, PS

Clement Montague, PS

Richard Pennington, SOL

Nathaniel Preston, PVT

James Russell, SOL

John Wagstaff, PS

William Youel, PVT






CAPT – Captain

CPL – Corporal

COL – Colonel

CS – Civil Service

DRM – Drummer

ENS – Ensign

LCOL – Lieutenant Colonel

MAJ – Major

PS – Patriotic Service

PVT – Private

SDI – Signer of the Declaration of Independence

SOL – Soldier

* – Denotes our first woman Patriot

1MAJ – First Major

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